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Penk Chen published his Haori36, a compact monoblock ortho with thumb cluster and optional Pimonori trackball.
Published March 16, 2024
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Our good old friend Penk Chen – creator of projects like the Penkesu deck, Rasti64 keyboard for his Rasti computer and Mobop caps – has published a new keyboard.

The Haori36 is a low-pro 36-key hot-swappable monoblock split ortho keyboard with Pimoroni trackball support.

The naming is silly and its design is very ordinary, but just in case, here’s my new (fully open sourced) build :-) – Penk.

Driven by an RP2040-Zero, this board features a pretty common 3x5 layout, but with offset halves. A 3D printed case and multiple plate options are available in the repo.



  • 36 keys (5x3+3 per half)
  • low-pro Choc switches, hotswap
  • Choc spacing
  • RP2040-Zero
  • various plate options
  • Pimonori trackball (optional)
  • VIA support


To continue our unintentional language curse, the haori is a traditional Japanese formal jacket worn over a kimono. I think the name is peculiarly suited to its owner:

Pic: Source: wikipedia

Source: wikipedia


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Published on Sat 16th Mar 2024. Featured in KBD #158.


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