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Heavily modified GiGi

A row less traveled with Anodynousaur's heavily modified GiGi derivative.
Published October 3, 2021
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Anodynousaur's daily driver for the past couple of weeks is a 3D printed and handwired GiGi with gChoc switches swapped to 12g springs (15g for thumb cluster). Modified to accommodate pimoroni trackball (PIM447) on left and dedicated steno/qwerty mode switch on right half.

This keyboard is based on so many projects and tools that it's hard to list. First an foremost, Pseudoku's GiGi which has been replaced by the parametric Dactyl-It-Yourself-Editor, then Plover, the Stenogochi, etc.

I used Dactyl-It-Yourself-Editor to create the base model. Further heavily modified in Fusion360. […] I mainly use it for writing, which is done primarily in steno mode through Plover. – Anodynousaur.

In qwerty-mode the middle row is accessed by pressing both keys in the column, made possible by DennyTom's excellent chording engine.

In case you can't install any software on your work computer, Anodynousaur came up with the Stenogochi. It does not plug into your computer but rather you connect it to your keyboard and it links to the computer like any Bluetooth HID device would.

3D printing specs:

Prusament PLA Galaxy Black filament. Standard 0.4 nozzle. 0.15 layer height and no post processing. Print time was a bit over 10h per top half and another 2,5 for the bottom plates.

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Published on Sun 3rd Oct 2021. Featured in KBD #46 (source).


Type-Writing Machine, 1879

The first(?) steno machine patented by Miles M. Bartholomew in 1879.

Minimizing finger movement

Two board concepts that minimize finger movement and use CircuitPython by SouthPawEngineer.

Velotype Pro

Not the usual monoblock split: the Velotype Pro is actually a chorded keyboard.


The StenoWord is a Japanese chorded keyboard for professionals doing subtitles for live broadcasts.


An open-source and easy-to-build steno keyboard for use with Plover: Peridot by Ewen Cluney.

Stenotypy / Spellbook

Stenotypy (aka Spellbook) is a true QWERTY steno dictionary with a couple thousand entries by solomonkimrey.