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A split keyboard by @orihikarna with some interesting details.

The firmware is now settled down so @orihikarna called his first self-designed keyboard to be finished.

The keyboard layout looks like a hermit crab, so I named it Hermit – @orihikarna.

No documentation or build log, only a thread of tweets. You can find the source files in this GitHub repo:


  • split with 60 keys
  • Thumb keys placed a bit further (pressed with the first joint)
  • Choc V2 browns (17.4x16.8mm)
  • ARM
  • I2C I/O expander (with a Type-C cable)


Btw the layout, which may be weird at first, is logically derived from ortholinear:

Published on Fri 24th Sep 2021. Featured in KBD #45 (source).


Zack Freedman's Mirage

The Mirage is a low-profile mechanical keyboard with clickable OLED displays and CircuitPython.


DracuLad 2nd round protos

DracuLad 2nd round with Puchi C controller and trackball by MangoIV.

36-key Low-Profile Split

This 36-key sub-100x100mm low profile split by richardgoulter features switches soldered directly to pins, without a matrix.

Wireless Atreus Choc

An open-source Atreus choc board by LevitatingPineapple with Nice!Nano controller.


Lyra and SuperLyra

The Lyra and SuperLyra, a split and a pseudosplit with numpad in the center, are two open-source designs by Malevolti.


Custom split 75%

A custom split 75% by GuzziGuy with an informative photolog. Check his other projects too!