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Shay's HillSideView is a derivative of the original Hillside – with nice!view and more changes.
Published November 9, 2023
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Shay aka wannabecoffeenerd modified mmccoyd's original Hillside and created HillSideView (HSV) with nice!view displays and many other new features.

While looking for my first ergo mech keyboard, I wanted something small with choc switches (and spacing), splay and wireless support. The Hillside 46 looked really nice but I wanted to make some changes to it including support for the nice!view, a large battery and the cirque trackpad. That prompted creating a fork of the Hillside 46 called the HillSideView (HSV) – shaysub.


  • 40-46 keys (6x3+5 or 5x3+5), splay
  • low-pro Choc switches, soldered, Choc spacing
  • break-off outer pinkie column
  • reversible PCB
  • underglow, encoder support, tenting puck support

Pic: 6x3 HSV version

6x3 HSV version

New features compared to the Hillside 46:

  • nice!view e-paper display for better battery life
  • under-PCB mount for the MCU for a cleaner top display mounting
  • cleaner outer pinky column cut-off
  • support for a Cirque trackpad (FFC connector on the PCB)
  • case design supporting large 750-3000 mAh batteries under the PCB
  • magnetic tenting stand with the case


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Published on Thu 9th Nov 2023. Featured in KBD #143 (source).


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