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Hollow 3D keycaps

Some inspiration for you: these strange 3D structures by @taneyats are actual keycaps.
Published November 15, 2021

A set of hollow Cherry MX compatible keycap designs output by a stereolithography 3D printer. The size is about SA R1 profile.

It's been almost two years since I started making keycaps, but this time I came up with a completely new keycap - Tane.

There are four models available currently: #VRNI is a keycap hollowed out in a Voronoi pattern, #CHES is a keycap with a hole pattern of cheese :), #MESH with a mesh-like surface, finally, #TMESH – a keycap with a triangular hole in the mesh.

The stacking is about 0.0125 mm. These caps are considerably more delicate than a normal ones. When removing from the key switch, be sure to use the key puller and pull it straight out.

Some more photos here:

UPDATE 2021/11/17

There is a comprehensive blog post about these awesome keycaps on

Published on Mon 15th Nov 2021. Featured in KBD #52 (source).

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