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Home-made double-shot caps

For his 3D printed low-pro keyboard, Pavlo Khmel uses self-made double-shot keycaps.
Published May 9, 2022
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Pavlo Khmel published the files of his 3D-printed low profile keyboard case with 3° typing angle.

(The project is from last year but it was reposted on Reddit this week.)

I tried to make the lowest mechanical keyboard with standard mechanical switches Cherry MX Red – pavlokhmel.

Files on thingiverse, and the result is also shown in this video:

The video above introduces a technique to make home-brew "double-shot" caps: separately printed 0.25mm thick legends are melted into the keycap with a soldering iron and a small piece of glass.


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Published on Mon 9th May 2022. Featured in KBD #77 (source).


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