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Homemade key socket cover

A homemade key socket cover open-sourced by u/qubist1.
Published April 25, 2022
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Fellow Redditor qubist1 uses a ZSA Moonlander which he finds a great keyboard, "made greater by its customizability". After typing on it for a few months, however, he has noticed a number of unused keys and wanted to remove them in a graceful way.

ZSA sells the "Zip Kit" for $60 so I designed and 3D printed the part instead. Took a few hours and cents worth of plastic.

These covers snap into place over the holes, hold pretty secure, and can be pried off "with a little finesse".


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Published on Mon 25th Apr 2022. Featured in KBD #75 (source).


Leaf spring mount

Variable force leaf spring mount by _dvsn_.

VIK standard

Sadek Baroudi released his VIK standard, which is a set of specifications and guidelines for interfacing between printed circuit boards, e.g. a main keyboard PCB and a module that supports specific features.

Self-aligning 3D gaskets

A self-aligning 3D gasket posted by machine0.

On IO expanders

Using an IO expander instead of a second Pro Micro? Posted by scissor_rock_paper.

Tilted Choc stem

u/Gurtmail published a 3D-printed tilted stem for Choc keycaps.

Apple Extended II USB mod

A retrofitted Apple Extended Keyboard II with internal USB hub (photolog) by greener_ca.