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Horizon - an open-source ortho

Horizon by skarrmann, this low profile PCB-encased keyboard, comes with all the necessary source files.
Published October 11, 2021

Horizon is a QMK compatible 52-key (4x14) ortholinear keyboard, powered by an Arduino Pro Micro.

Here is Horizon, my latest keyboard design. I am happy with how the encased bottom plate PCB turned out, so I would like to share it with you all – skarrmann.

This keyboard is a grid of 1U keys without special features like hotswap, RGB, OLED screen or knobs.

Two separate PCB designs are available for MX and Choc keyswitches, with their respective footprints and spacing (MX: 19mm x 19mm, Choc: 18mm x 17mm).

PCB repository on GitHub:

The bottom plate is a cutout of all the components exposed through the bottom of the main PCB, and screws directly against the main PCB. This nicely guards you and your desk surface from all the pointy through-hole bits, while retaining a low keyboard height.

Published on Mon 11th Oct 2021. Featured in KBD #47 (source).

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