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IBM 3278

Well, mrprofessor007 was supposed to buy a house, instead...

Nothing fancy, just a battered IBM 3278 keyboard without much context. Beamspring switches and Spanish caps.

Replaced the plastic door with a metal one, was supposed to repaint(powdercoat), but it kinda looks cool as it is – mrprofessor007.

Published on Mon 27th Sep 2021. Featured in KBD #45 (source).


IBM Model M dome swap & chopjob

Turn up the radio! Today's hot single: Bitteneite's 70% Model M with choplog.


IBM Model M5-2

An IBM Model M5-2 with a cute little trackball. Posted by opalinemoth.


IBM 3178 C1 mod

An IBM 3178 C1 USB Chungus edition ft. Solenoid by drake9800.