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IBM Model M15

Anti-Antidote got this old IBM Model M15 from his grandfather.

Manufactured in September 6th, 1995.

The Model M15 is the only mechanical buckling-spring keyboard made by IBM that is fully adjustable in terms of ergonomic position.

According to GreenPylons, it's worth about $1K these days. Back in the early 2010s (before the ErgoDox and other split customs) they would go for $1.5K as it was one of the very few ergo mechanical keyboards available at the time.

Highlights: Split Spacebar (obviously), two arrow clusters, and numlock indicator LED without having a numlock key or numpad at all (solution: it came with an external numpad).

More details:

Published on Sun 16th May 2021. Featured in KBD #26 (source).


Project Sphinx

The Project Sphinx is a retrofuturistic concept, the proposed design of a soviet home computer from the '80s. Posted by FractionPrism.


Unikey KB-7001

A Unikey KB-7001 made by PC concepts found by DarthDangles25.