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IBM Model M15 Adjustable

IBM Model M15 Adjustable keyboard review by Chyrosran22.
Published March 7, 2021

Published on Sun 7th Mar 2021. Featured in KBD #16 (source).

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Librascope Tactical Computer Terminal

This TCT AN/UYQ-30 is probably one of the very few terminals out there meeting nuclear survivability requirements. Posted by pburgomaster.


IBM Model M15

Anti-Antidote got this old IBM Model M15 from his grandfather.


Matra Alice 90

The Matra Alice 90 is a French 8-bit computer first marketed in 1983. Posted by videoface.


Fujitsu Oasys

It seems Fujitsu made ALPS keyboards. A Fujitsu Oasys spotted by by May_1.


1989 Nixdorf Computers keyboard

1989 Nixdorf Computers keyboard with 30 F-keys. Renovated (lubed mx blacks, dampened, retrobrite) by bubr123.


The IBM Lighted Program Function Keyboard (LPFK) was used as an extra input device when doing computer aided design on the IBM RS/6000 series of machines. Posted by epearl-tv.