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IBM Model Pi

The "IBM Model Pi" by u/rengarett is simply a Model M converted via a Pi Pico and KMK.
Published June 12, 2022

There are several ways to convert an IBM Model M. Gracjan Górecki aka rengare wanted to be able to use layers with his board and chose the Pi Pico and KMK way.

I bought an IBM Model M [...] In the meantime I was building my own keyboard so a thought comes to my mind, maybe I can add a Pi Pico to the model M.

Github repo:

Published on Sun 12th Jun 2022. Featured in KBD #82 (source).

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IBM Model M15

Anti-Antidote got this old IBM Model M15 from his grandfather.

IBM 5291

Kirkwood1994 picked up a beautiful IBM 5291 terminal.


The IBM Lighted Program Function Keyboard (LPFK) was used as an extra input device when doing computer aided design on the IBM RS/6000 series of machines. Posted by epearl-tv.

IBM 5556-005

Full kanji keyboard spotted by whiteknight128.

IBM 3276 Beam Spring

A restored and modded IBM 3276 Beam Spring keyboard with USB and a wooden palm rest by madhias (gallery, sound).

Admiral’s Shark-tastic IBM updates of 2022!

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