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IBM Selectric Model 1

IBM Selectric Model 1 typewriter with sound test. Posted by josefquevedo.

Sound test:

u/josefquevedo found this IBM Selectric Typewriter Model 1 on craigslist for $90 in excellent working condition. The model 1 was released in 1961, and is pretty rare nowadays; especially if it works!

All the keys work, and it feels so awesome to type on. The feeling is hard to describe, but it feels like your fingers are punching the paper itself with all of the letters being typed.

Published on Sun 25th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #36 (source).


NEC phone switchboard

A NEC phone switchboard discovered in an abandoned building by Happyboi225 & co.

Custom Contron

The daily driver of mkayultuh is a custom Contron rugged keyboard.



The READY! MODEL 100 is a portable computer by ready100computer. (Details here.) In case custom keyboards are too mainstream for you. (Sent by Grillsteak28.)

The "Here is" key

The story behind the HERE IS key as told by frogspa.

Monterey MK-9500

This Monterey MK-9500 posted by purpsoli is a double purpose keyboard (piano keyboard on the back) with white Alps.


The IBM Lighted Program Function Keyboard (LPFK) was used as an extra input device when doing computer aided design on the IBM RS/6000 series of machines. Posted by epearl-tv.