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IBM System 32 5320

Wow! The IBM System 32 is built into a desk and its "display" is a tractor feed printer. Shared by neetoday.

This is the IBM System 32, a midrange computer introduced in the mid 1970s recently featured by @TubeTimeUS.

Other than the nice vintage built-in keyboard, this system has a 8" floppy drive, a cute little CRT display with only 20 lines, and a 3/4 horsepower motor to spin the platters of the huge hard drive.

Well, "huge" here refers to the physical dimensions, the storage capacity is only 13.4 megabytes. ;)

Published on Tue 10th Aug 2021. Featured in KBD #39 (source).


One-handed Maltron

A Maltron found by lychee-ramune while cleaning up a storage room.

Preh Commander

The Preh Commander is a hefty ortho for German pharmacies. Not mechanical but features MX compatible caps (posted by ryota25).

IBM 5291

Kirkwood1994 picked up a beautiful 5291.

Beamspring spotting

A breathtaking photo of an IBM Beamspring 5251 shot by Bitteneite.