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Sporewoh is back with yet another monoblock split pocket keyboard: the $5(!) idawgz32.
Published February 27, 2024
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In hindsight, Chris Lo aka sporewoh launched a series with the bunchiez40 and modkipz40. His latest model with mouse keys is the idawgz32.

I wanted to show my newest and most affordable pocket keyboard, the idawgz32. I wanted to hop on the CH552/FAK firmware train, and challenge myself to make a keyboard that only costs $5 to make. It uses a similar design to my previous board, the pusheenz40 – Chris.

The original idea was to make a board so cheap that Chris could give it away for free as a small gift at meetups. As such, he wanted to see if it's possible to make a board that roughly targeted the $5-6 price range.


According to the author, trying to figure out cost optimization was real fun. If you’re interested in reading about the process, check out this blog post!




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Published on Tue 27th Feb 2024. Featured in KBD #157.


The Uni - an ortho steno board

The Uni by petercpork is a sleek, unibody split ortholinear for stenography.

Adelheid build

The Adelheid by floookay is an Arisu-fork with function keys (repo). Built by Ok_Promotion_6175.


Leo Lou's Zerosprey42 is an open-source 40% travel keyboard – remix of the Ospray.

Red Herring solenoid edition

Ming-Gih Lam updated the Red Herring PCB with an on-board solenoid.


CB34S is a 34-key columnar staggered Choc V1 monoblock split keyboard by Bubbleology – with Nice!Nano and Nice!View.

Tenalice Ambidextrous

The Ambidextrous by Cerbekos is a new member of the Tenalice family, with a 45° numpad in the center of the board.