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Imitating various layouts

Imitating various ergo keyboard layouts with Zebra. Posted by key-yack.
Published October 22, 2021
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While polishing the Zebra prototyping board, key-yack tried to recreate some of the popular ergo layouts.

The Zebra, this magnetic prototyping framework, was featured in KBD #42, check the original post for PCB and other resources.

Back to this week's developments, here is a gallery with all the layouts tested:

I cannot help but admit - even though most of the boards are the same old staggered columns + thumb cluster of some curvature, some of you are putting them together in ways that makes me wonder if your hands have the same kind of joints as mine – key-yack. :)
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Published on Fri 22nd Oct 2021. Featured in KBD #49 (source).


A low profile portable BLE design

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Noisy Cricket keyboard

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Phase keyboard

Kyria stagger, Corne thumb cluster, Ferris-inspired electronics: Phase by mjpauly.


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Handwired build

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