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Jankey Press 6000

A DIY dye sub keycap press by u/ericausome: the Jankey Press 6000.
Published December 9, 2022
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The Jankey Press 6000 is a "quicky and dirty" press ericausome made because he got his dye sub ink, a new printer and papers all within 3 days of each other. Made from white oak scrap and an old door hinge.

What you need are bits of wood you’ve hoarded for 10 years, an impulse ptc heater buy off Amazon, a broken door you can steal a hinge from and some luck.

To up the factor, the cable relief is courtesy of two large zip ties.

The author laser cut a quick jig for holding 1u keys, which is replaceable and can be swapped out for larger keys later with more jigs.


The heart of the press is a 12V 200C PTC heating element. Kapton tape protects the wood from getting scorched. It’s powered by a $1 DC power supply bought from Sally Anne.

Cut up silicone baking mat keeps heat transfer even across the whole cap.

More photos in the original r/mk post.

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Published on Fri 9th Dec 2022. Featured in KBD #106 (source).


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