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KMO - an input pass-through and macropad

Meet KMO by sango_gg, a companion for your keyboard that acts as an input pass-through and macropad.
Published July 25, 2021
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Since KMO acts as a keyboard pass through, I need one microcontroller to be the USB “host” that your keyboard plugs into — this micro sends the inputs serially to the second micro that has a USB port connecting to your computer.

The second micro shows up on your computer as a virtual keyboard at the same time processes the inputs to animate KMO, play games, or whatever you want him to do.

The first micro is pretty low powered since it’s only processing the USB keyboard HID reports

The second controller has more horsepower since it has to drive the display, act as a virtual keyboard, and run any code for KMO’s functions.

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Published on Sun 25th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #36 (source).

Tags: macropad



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