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KW Choc V1 keycaps

Shared by Kea Workshop's Claude, the KW keycap profile is uniform, spherical, MX-sized, and compatible with Choc V1 switches.
Published March 12, 2024
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Designed by Claude aka klouder(one) of Kea Workshop, these KW keycaps are uniform with a relatively deep spherical dish, and are compatible with low-pro Choc V1 switches while being MX-spaced.

I needed some MX sized choc keycaps, and as MX spaced choc keycaps are not very common or available, I designed my own to be 3D printed at low cost – Claude.

Well, of course there is the new THT from Tai-Hao, but it never hurts to have some options and variety. THT is cylindrical anyway.

So inspired by the Work Louder design, these KW caps were specifically made for split boards that have both MX and Choc compatibility, as obviously these splits are spaced for the larger MX keycaps (19.05mm x 19.05mm).

Pic: KW vs MBK


The KW Choc V1 keycaps are Claude's solution to this by adopting the 19.05mm x 19.05mm MX spacing, reducing the gap between Choc keys on MX spaced boards. This means of course that the KWs are not compatible with Choc spacing (MBK, MCC, etc.).

The KW profile Choc V1 Keycaps feature a deep dish for a comfortable finger feel, and rounded edges for a stylish look. The keycaps have been designed to be 3D printed, featuring a top and bottom chamfer, and oriented standing for strength, a bonus being that layer lines are almost invisible – Claude.



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Published on Tue 12th Mar 2024. Featured in KBD #158 (source).


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