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Kada 0110

Emil shared Kada 0110, a 3D case inspired by the Apple M0110 and Apple II.
Published May 29, 2024
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After publishing his Kada Spectrum, a 65% case inspired by the ZX Spectrum, here is Kada 0110, another case by Emil aka baokaola for the same form factor – this time resembling the Apple M0110.

I've always thought that the Apple M0110 keyboard looked really cool but just doing an M0110 clone seemed a bit plain so I wanted to add some more flair to it. That's when I looked at the Apple II and saw the vent slots along the sides - if I added those to the sides, it could be a really cool mashup. So even though it might look like a homage to the Thermal, it's actually inspired by the Apple II – Emil.

The case is built around the Tofu65 2.0 PCB. The filament used here is 3DO ASA Grey which has a nice "warm computer grey" tone to it. Not quite as beige as the original Apple color but the author doesn't mind that it has a bit more modern look.



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Published on Wed 29th May 2024. Featured in KBD #166 (source).

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