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Kai Simple

Kai H. Chang's next design is the low-profile wireless Kai Simple split.
Published April 21, 2024
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After the Ascend, Kai H. Chang shared his Kai Simple, an all-Choc low-profile wireless split.

I've been using my last Ascend KB for a month. While it is comfortable, MX switches are still relatively big and wide. Maybe it's bc I have small hands or was used to Sweep before it, I started missing Chocs, so that's why there's this Simple – Kai.

After the combined approach of the Ascend (MX switches for the main area and Chocs for the thumb keys), the author went with an all-Choc design this time.


Saving desk space was still one of the design goals, but while aiming for ZMK/wireless, Kai left a pin for TRRS connectors.


  • 34 keys
  • Choc switches, soldered
  • Pro Micro footprint
  • ZMK

The design of the Ascend was inspired by the Wubbo.

Again, the keycaps are KLP Lamé by braindefender.


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Published on Sun 21st Apr 2024. Featured in KBD #162 (source).



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