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Kazik is a cute 30% keyboard by monokēēbs – with versatile PCB, XIAO RP2040, and Japanese duplex matrix!
Published November 14, 2023
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Kazik is a very versatile PCB: there are 13 bottom row layout options starting with a single 10u spacebar to various split and non-split spacebars and 0-3 keys per side on the flanks. In addition, it sports a XIAO RP2040 and uses Japanese duplex matrix!

I just released Kazik - a 10u pcb with regular stagger kinda inspired by Yasui and M0II0 – Tomasz.

Following in the footsteps of Rain's Yasui and Yohe's M0ii0, the Kazik is a cute little 30(-36%) keyboard. The case was designed and provided by HaiZeus, and there are four options of the case for various layouts and .dxf files for acrylic diffusers and bottom plate.

It's worth mentioning that the case supports ortho PCB's like Yasui by Rain, Elelctrolyte by Rlbaxter and Electrolytes by Mayano Shinkai.

Pic: Electrolytes in the same case

Electrolytes in the same case

Because of the Japanese duplex matrix, particular attention must be paid to the direction of the diodes:


Beside the versatility of the PCB, the name "Kazik" is also multi-layered:

So the layout was kinda reminding me of QAZ – and since on 40%discord the creator of QAZ prefers that you call similar keyboards qaz-like I thought about it as a smaller qaz. I am from Poland, and the sound of "qaz" is close to kaz, and a smaller kaz is kazik. And it's also a name in Poland – Tomasz.


  • 29-36 keys
  • MX, soldered
  • XIAO RP2040 controller
  • underglow via LED-strip


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Published on Tue 14th Nov 2023. Featured in KBD #144 (source).



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