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Cedutus created Kebu, a new Blackpill ortholinear PCB with multiple layout alternatives including 4 or 5 row options.
Published June 16, 2022

After his split ortho Lihis, Cedutus came up with Kebu, a one-piece ortholinear keyboard that has options for a couple of different layouts.

Feels kinda like I'm going backwards with these because i created a split keyboard before this :P – Cedutus.

Layout options include 4 or 5 rows, full grid or 2u space, and you also have the option of either using MX or Choc hotswap sockets (the 2u space is only usable with MX socket).

The PCB is using a Blackpill as the controller.

More photos:

GitHub repo:

(In the photo a previous prototype is shown. The 4-row option had a problem with traces when the 5th row was taken off. However, this should be fixed in the files available on GitHub. The fixed files haven't been tested though.)

Published on Thu 16th Jun 2022. Featured in KBD #83 (source).

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