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The Keeblab by edoelas is a controller-agnostic prototyping setup.
Published June 19, 2021
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The idea behind this invention is to be able to make changes in software and wiring really easily, allowing to try different controllers, make a huge split or convert it to a midi piano to name a few options.

Right now it is using a black pill v3 as the controller.

…in my opinion the best controller if we consider the price: 5€. Plenty of IO and power, lots of options, small size and USB-C. Also provides access to the USB via pins.

We've seen well-documented breadboard setups in the past, e.g. the Protoboard(s) by BillyBuerger.

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Published on Sat 19th Jun 2021. Featured in KBD #31 (source).


QMK debounce masterclass

QMK contributor u/x34l explains different debounce algorithms and shares some of his measurements.

Soldering tips

What was the one thing you learned that would change the way you solder forever more?

Death to all Triumph Adlers?

Another build with caps scavenged from a Triumph Adler Gabriele 9009, this time by u/orpheo_1452.

3D-printed PCB

A printed circuit board. Literally. PCB 3D-printed by duzitbetter (reddit, hackaday).

SKUF keyboard feet

The open-source SKUF is an attempt to standardize the rubber feet used for custom mechanical keyboard projects.

Tactile stems

Tactile stem comparison by jk_pens.