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Keeblab by edoelas. A controller-agnostic prototyping setup.

The idea behind this invention is to be able to make changes in software and wiring really easily, allowing to try different controllers, make a huge split or convert it to a midi piano to name a few options.

Right now it is using a black pill v3 as the controller. my opinion the best controller if we consider the price: 5€. Plenty of IO and power, lots of options, small size and USB-C. Also provides access to the USB via pins.

We've seen well-documented breadboard setups in the past, e.g. the Protoboard(s) by BillyBuerger.

Published on Sat 19th Jun 2021. Featured in KBD #31 (source).


Modification for easier reach

A Jorian keyboard with slight modification for easier reach by hulianomarkety.

Unicode in QMK

Dealing with Unicode in QMK revealed by mikefettis.

QWERTY scores by language

Data visualizer desfirsit investigated which language is easiest to type on a QWERTY keyboard.


Double-keyboard ergonomics

Years of pain solved by a really [x|obvious keyboard tweak].