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Keebsmas 2022

Keebsmas is an annual holiday charity event. Twitch streamers host giveaways, and raise donations. This year for DIY Girls.
Published December 9, 2022

As already mentioned in my recent editorial, Keebsmas is an online event brought to my attention by Susan of Mintlodica.

What is the 12 Days of Keebsmas?

Keebsmas is an annual charity fundraising event for the mechanical keyboard community originally started in 2020 by keebnewb, jnlybean, and Davis of 3DKeebs.

To date we have raised over $21,000 for charity thanks to our generous donors and participants from the keyboard community! We hope to continue this tradition this year by raising money for DIY Girls.

How Does Keebsmas Work?

During the 12 days leading up to December 25th there will be daily giveaways hosted on Twitch by featured streamers in the keyboard community as well as a 12-hour stream on Christmas Day. During each stream the featured streamer will be promoting the fundraising campaign, soliciting donations, as well as doing giveaways.


Join the event starting on December 13th for 12 days of Twitch streams.

The official Keebsmas site has been updated with the most up-to-date schedule. Check out the line-up!



@keebnewb has been posting announcements on her Instagram as well.

DIY Girls

This year’s charity is DIY Girls, a non-profit organization based in the Los Angeles area. Their mission is to increase interest, access, & success in technology for girls in low-income communities. The organizers believe this aligns closely with the skills of mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.

Did you know that currently, women represent just 28% of overall employed scientists and engineers in the United States, of which only 5% are women of color? This inequality begins early in the education pipeline and nationally, only 15% of girls between 4th-8th grade demonstrate, or even express, an interest in STEM.

DIY Girls works to change this inequality by increasing girls’ interest and success in technology, engineering and making through innovative educational experiences and mentor relationships. Donations during Keebsmas will go directly towards DIY Girls #GivingTuesday campaign.


You may donate directly to the Keebsmas 2022 campaign on Streamlabs Charity.

We've set a goal of $8,000 this year so hopefully we can meet or exceed it! Can't wait to see all of you in chat and have some fun for a good cause – keebnewb.

Published on Fri 9th Dec 2022. Featured in KBD #106.

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