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A keycap generator by Sam Hughes: key-sweep creates multi-axis contoured keycaps.
Published April 18, 2024
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Key-sweep, this WIP project by Sam Hughes aka roosterHughes, is a keycap generator based on OpenSCAD. Multi-axis contoured keycaps generated with it create a keywell experience on a flat board.

A multi-axis, concave typing experience on your good ol' planar keyboard! I'm using keycaps generated with this tool on both my personal and work keyboards, so it's actually pretty dang decent! – Sam.

The OpenSCAD files in the github repository are designed around minimal-input, multi-axis typing surfaces. The library is intended to make concave "keywell" keyboard experiences more accessible. This is accomplished by implementing the various elements of a keycap as discrete primitives which can be composed as individual "novelty" keys, universal-profile (flat) keysets, single-axis contoured keysets, or multi-axis contoured keysets.



The build is super inefficient and takes like 20 mins to compile. It's super flexible already, but I'm still having fun with it, so it's very likely to continue improving for the near future – Sam.


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Published on Thu 18th Apr 2024. Featured in KBD #162.


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