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Keyberon, a handwired unibody with parametric case by TeXitoi rediscovered.
Published July 10, 2021


That's keyberon-f4, a handwired keyboard with a 3D printed case (totally parametric), using a rust firmware on a WeAct MiniF4 dev board (STM32F401, USB-C).

Published on Sat 10th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #34 (source).

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The Dormouse is a 3D printed, handwired 40% by dapperrogue (gallery & git).

Nyx is now open hardware

The Nyx, a low-profile, split, wireless ergo by tadfisher is now open hardware (repo).

Scylla - a modern Dactyl Manuform

Presenting the Scylla - a modern Dactyl Manuform by Fmcraft.


FoldKB split ortho using standard keyset

The FoldKB by friglesnart and bakingpy is a split ortho using standard keyset.