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Keyboard Yoga

Keyboard Yoga by ZSA Technology Labs is a different sort of typing trainer.
Published July 31, 2022

Developed by ZSA Technoloy Labs – the people who brought you boards like the Moonlander or Ergodox EZ – Keyboard yoga is a different sort of typing trainer that emphasizes posture and mindfulness over words per minute.

To say the truth, I was waiting for the actual typing part until the very end and thought the relaxation is only an intro. :D

Regardless, I found it a good experience with the calm music and the whole atmosphere.

As Erez Zukerman shared in his newsletter:

Most typing trainers […] focus on the output. The point is whatever's on the screen. We wanted to make a different sort of typing trainer, where the focus is on your body and the physical experience of typing. It's a short experience called Keyboard Yoga, and you can check it out below – Erez.

Check it out here:

According to Erez, typing trainers tend to focus on the connection between your keyboard and your computer: Words showing up on the screen. So you have to hit certain words-per-minute or accuracy targets, focus on specific letter patterns, and so on.

As he writes in a comment on producthunt:

We wanted to focus on a different connection: The one between your body and your keyboard. So you don't have to type any particular words or hit a words-per-minute goal. Simply put on some headphones and type to keep the narration going. Pay attention to your body.

Keyboard Yoga is a timed experience — about ten minutes or less.

A way to take a break and pay more attention to the physical aspects of an activity you probably spend countless hours doing.

If you do like it, Erez want you to consider supporting it on Product Hunt, so more people can find ZSA and hear about what they do.

Published on Sun 31st Jul 2022. Featured in KBD #89.

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