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Keyboard nirvana & split comparison

A blog post by jhelvy, author of the split comparison tool, on his journey down the path of building keyboards.
Published July 10, 2021
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In his blog post by the title "In search of keyboard nirvana" jhelvy tells us about his journey to find a more ergonomic (and useful) keyboard.

Reading this write-up I realized his split comparison tool wasn't yet featured in KBD. (No wonder since it was published in early 2020, 9 months before was started.)

The tool is available here:

And it's open source:

All the basic information about each board is stored in a simple CSV file, and the switch plate images are all hand-aligned in one Illustrator file then batch exported as PNGs. So all the alignment is already done, the app is just overlaying different images.
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Published on Sat 10th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #34 (source).

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A once popular tool has been shut down due to the lack of users. RIP, 9 January 2017 - 13 March 2021 (git). Sent by -George- (source).

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