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Keyboard one

DrJamesOIncandenza shared his first keyboard, a monoblock design derived from the Corne.
Published November 3, 2022

Crsayen aka DrJamesOIncandenza shared the PCB and case files of his first keyboard design. Dubbed Keyboard one, this monoblock angled nonsplit is derived from the Corne, however, with adjusted stagger.

A few months ago, a coworker turned me on to the CRKBD. So I got one, I grew to enjoy choc switches, and eventually added some nice!nanos and went wireless - I love it. But every once in a while I get a craving to clack on some silent MX switches […] so I made this over the last couple weeks – crsayen.


Published on Thu 3rd Nov 2022. Featured in KBD #101 (source).

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Lev's trackpad keywell board

A little bit of Dactyl, a little bit of Corne, and a *lot* of trackpad space: a unibody split prototype by u/levpopov.

Wooden monoblock split

This wooden monoblock split by Libano23 features a pseudo-PCB (photolog).

Velotype Pro

Not the usual monoblock split: the Velotype Pro is actually a chorded keyboard.

Lyra and SuperLyra

The Lyra and SuperLyra, a split and a pseudosplit with numpad in the center, are two open-source designs by Malevolti.

Zephirum - an ergo monoblock

An ergo monoblock angled keyboard with some unique features by cdc_mkb.


An angled monoblock Pico-based keyboard from Optionally low-profile and open-source.