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Keyboard one

DrJamesOIncandenza shared his first keyboard, a monoblock design derived from the Corne.
Published November 3, 2022
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Crsayen aka DrJamesOIncandenza shared the PCB and case files of his first keyboard design. Dubbed Keyboard one, this monoblock angled nonsplit is derived from the Corne, however, with adjusted stagger.

A few months ago, a coworker turned me on to the CRKBD. So I got one, I grew to enjoy choc switches, and eventually added some nice!nanos and went wireless - I love it. But every once in a while I get a craving to clack on some silent MX switches […] so I made this over the last couple weeks – crsayen.


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Published on Thu 3rd Nov 2022. Featured in KBD #101 (source).



RaffOwO shared his Vesuveus, a handwired monoblock split with orthoish halves and full arrow cluster.

Kolibri keyboard

The Kolibri is an Alice style design by kreme11 with open-source case.


The unique ergoLogic keyboard with adjustable tenting angle – posted by u/datnarwhal4.


The cocot46 is a homebrew keyboard with an integrated trackball and rotary encoder.


Hotreus62 was shared by leo_beekeeb – a 60% hotswappable keyboard that supports both low-profile Choc and MX switches.

Unsplit Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up! turned into a monoblock by u/ak66666 – with one more level.