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Keyboard vendor database

I've published a keyboard/part shop database listing 250 stores from all around the world. Discount codes coming in.

Hi! I made a keyboard/part vendor database with 236 shops atm (new inquiries keep coming in so this will hopefully grow):

Check it out at:

This is a new interface based on this excellent table/thread over at KeebTalk. Similar to but with a different focus and other features.

It's still work-in-progress but I wanted to announce it anyway to ask the community for more shops and to put pressure on some vendors to answer my mails. ;)

(I'm in the midst of contacting them for additional data and completing all the shop profiles.)

The main goal of this tool is to answer 3 basic types of questions:

  • Where to buy? Where do you buy all the good stuff?
  • Where does everyone recommend buying [part name here] in [region/country]?
  • Is [vendor name here] legit?

The two first boxes will be checked once I'm finished with tagging, especially new keywords like PCB, plate or lube.

For the third one I have a promising mechanism in mind and I'm working on it right now (v2).

Features atm:

  • filter by tags (where and what)
  • permalinks to filtered lists (e.g. switch vendors in Canada or Cable shops in Europe)
  • click a row or the shop name to open a detailed profile (only some of the stores have a complete profile atm)


  • completing the profiles
  • finishing/updating tags
  • sorting (by name, country, score, date of starting the business, business size, etc.)
  • advanced search
  • advanced filters (worldwide shipping only, promo code only)
  • flags (new, suspicious, etc.)
  • vendor top lists based on visits and clickthroughs
  • introducing a vendor score
  • nearby shops

Implementing these features will probably take some weeks but feel free to suggest new ones.

That's it. Let me know what you think.

Published on Mon 13th Sep 2021. Featured in KBD #43 (source).

Tags: tool


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