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Keycap bleach/fading test

Results of an experiment investigating the effect of sunlight on an anodized keycap's color – committed by flehrad.

Tamas Dovenyi
Published December 23, 2021

Anodized metals in the full sun will definitely fade, but how much will they fade through a window and flyscreen?

Even though this experiment seems to be a follow-up to last week's anodized aluminum discoloration post – Don even refers to that post in the video –, he set up this trial three months ago! He must be a freakin' oracle.

So a bit of an experiment that took 3 months led to this video. How much sun fade happens in full spring morning sunlight? I put my Mountain Keyboards keycap to the test by sitting it against my balcony window for 3 months – flehrad.

To say the truth, I can't really see any difference at this point that I couldn't explain with the lighting and reflections, but the experiment continues!

Published on Thu 23rd Dec 2021. Featured in KBD #58 (source).

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