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Keycap dyeing with Rit DyeMore

Dye keycaps with Rit DyeMore. A tutorial by CrowningKnight.

CrowningKnight tried his hand at dyeing keycaps using Rit DyeMore, and figured he'd post his method in case others wanted to give it a try.

My wife often dyes her clothes with Rit, and when I found out they have a version specifically for synthetic fabrics, I dug into it more – CrowningKnight.

More pics and info at

Published on Mon 12th Jul 2021. Featured in KBD #34 (source).


Micro Keyboard V3

Thomas Combe writes about his keyboard built for a 8-bit computer. Without a microcontroller.


SB1 flat keycap profile

SB1 is a 3D printable flat keycap profile by sadekbaroudi.


TRIFL alpha keycap profile

The TRIFL alpha is a new keycap profile by rutomoda.


3D printable keycap tutorial

A video tutorial by mcass_37 on how to merge files and create your own custom 3D printable keycap file (base keycap, source).

MBK Legend

MBK Legend brought to you by _tectonicplate and fk-caps. (You won't see many GBs here, but low profile caps in short supply deserve some promotion.)