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Keychron camo switches

Honestly, where is this hobby heading? Dye-sub camo switches by Keychron.
Published June 30, 2023
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Nope, this is not a joke. It seems it's dead serious: Keychron offers camo switches – various dye-sublimated top housings for their switches. Mic drop. Let's repeat it: dye-sub _switches_.

After all the recolors named after cute animals and tasty food, the next logical step is apparently camo:

One of the fun things about mechanical keyboards is getting to build your very own experience, that's why we developed the Camo switch series to give you the power to mix, match, and build your own linear switch – Keychron.

Don't ask me why one would need a switch, most likely entirely hidden beneath keycaps, with camo or any other pattern, but I'm pretty sure these will be popular anyway. To be honest, I enjoyed playing with the coated singularity switches as well, similar to the terminator switches, and the camo series doesn't make any less sense either.


The camo top cases are part of a product line with various top and bottom housings, stems and springs. You can choose each of the components to customize the switches with different colors and feels, and come up with quite a number of variants.

As a start, the Keychron Camo series offers four top case and stem colorways: green, light green, camel, and wheat. The stem is made of self-lubricating POM and the top case is made of premium nylon, and they come in sets of 110pcs.


The camo switch bottom housings are made of nylon, and come in three colors: forest, light green, and wheat – which means you can assemble them in 12 different combinations.

As the final flavor, the gold-plated springs with various bottom-out weights from 40 to 100gF/cN enable you to customize the typing weight/force.



  • Switch Type: Linear
  • Stem: MX-style
  • Mounting: 3-pin plate mounted
  • Top color: Green, light green, camel, wheat
  • Bottom color: forest, light green, wheat
  • Material: Nylon (top and bottom case), POM (stem)
  • Weight: 40-100gF
  • Price: $0.44/pc (top: $24, bottom: $14, spring: $10 per 110pcs)



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Published on Fri 30th Jun 2023. Featured in KBD #126.

Tags: switch


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