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The Kiai-Split by jammerkiai is an open-source 34-key keyboard using XIAO BLE controllers.
Published November 25, 2022
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Jon Mereria aka makgyber or jammerkiai published his Kiai Split, a wireless split keyboard sporting XIAO controllers.

The first xiao-based board i built turned out to have a few problems, so i decided to tweak a few things – jammerkiai.

The author fixed the key spacing, updated the PCB so both XIAO modules can be placed face-up, and kept the size of the PCB within 100x100mm.


  • 34-keys
  • low profile Choc v1
  • PCB dimensions <100100mm
  • Seeed Studio XIAO nRF52840
  • ZMK


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Published on Fri 25th Nov 2022. Featured in KBD #104 (source).



Enigma36 - A handwired unibody keyboard with underglow and trackpoint by sadekbaroudi.

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