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Zealousideal's Kiboard68 is a 60% handwired ortho with numpad.
Published April 8, 2022
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Zealousideal-Ad4561 Kiboard68 is a custom handwired 60% ortholinear layout with numpad. A wireless keyboard (ZMK firmware on a nice!nano microcontroller) in a standard 60% bamboo case.

And a nice photolog:

As you can see, the backspace is strangely put in the middle which actually could make sense, however, the perpetrator disagrees:

[…] ended up regretting this but needed the mathematical operators near the Numpad since I deal with engineering softwares.

In addition, Enter became a palm-key:

Surprisingly intuitive to hit enter with the side of my right hand.

To achieve the rainbow patina effect, Zealousideal torched the custom laser cut steel plate (see the gallery).

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Published on Fri 8th Apr 2022. Featured in KBD #73 (source).



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