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Kipra keyboard

Peter Lyons shared his kipra, an open-source split keyboard – kinda pragmatic.
Published May 14, 2024
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The kipra is a much more down-to-earth split by Peter Lyons aka focusaurus, at least compared to his earlier Squeezebox iterations.

A split ergonomic mechanical keyboard built with ergogen, kicad, and freecad, and there's also a detailed blog post if you'd like to know more about this build.

I've built a new split ergonomic mechanical keyboard called the "kipra". My daily driver for most of the past year has been a sofle choc, which is overall quite good and adequate for my current needs. However, I wanted to make something even more tailored to my specific preferences in terms of features and hand shape – Peter.


  • 44 keys
  • low-pro Choc, hotswap
  • reversible PCB
  • Pro Micro/nice!nano footprint


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Published on Tue 14th May 2024. Featured in KBD #165 (source).



Leeloo, a split keyboard resembling the Lily58 – with a twist!

Rollow: with thumb encoders

The Rollow is a split keyboard by ArtofZenKeys with dedicated thumb encoders.

Reviung39 case

A case for a Reviung39 by sadekbaroudi with STL file.

ergoJOY maximus

The ergoJOY maximus is an original 7x5 staggered split with thumb joysticks. Committed by d3lxa.


Despite its appearance, the Schrodinger by SouthPawEngineer is logically a monoblock keyboard: sporting a single XIAO.

3D printed ergo with arrow keys

A beautiful handwired split ergonomic keyboard. 3D printed, has dedicated arrow keys, wrist rest, and features one-key PCBs. Committed by tomohisat.