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Klein keyboard

A feature-rich split design by noSNK supporting Pro Micro and XIAO footprints: Klein.
Published October 27, 2022
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Named after the German mathematician Christian Felix Klein, this Klein is a split keyboard by noSNK aka Shashank, supporting controllers with both Pro Micro and Seeed XIAO footprints.

My first custom keyboard design Klein, with bluetooth, encoder, touchpad, oled, buzzer and haptics – noSNK.


  • Column staggered
  • Bluetooth compatible with power switch
  • Seeed Studio XIAO / Pro Micro (nice!nano, KB2040, etc.) compatible
  • Hotswap MX and Choc support
  • Trackpad support with FPC/FFC connector + ribbon cable and direct wiring
  • SMD and through hole diode footprint


The PCB and assembly was sponsered by Seeed Fusion PCBA (coupon).

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Published on Thu 27th Oct 2022. Featured in KBD #100 (source).


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