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Koenigspiel designed the Kunai, a case for the Corne based off the Am Hatsu.
Published November 16, 2022
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The Kunai is a Corne case inspired by the Am Hatsu and designed by mell0w aka Koenigspiel.

Ergonomic Corne case designed to work with acrylic and FR4 Corne plates. I printed it in PETG with a 20% infill, triangle pattern – mell0w.

The STL files are available on printables.

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Published on Wed 16th Nov 2022. Featured in KBD #103 (source).

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Crkbd magnetic case

This is a 3D printed magnetic case by taksi_kavausuki for Crkbd choc keyboards – with STL file.

ffkb low profile trackball case

Sadek Baroudi published the files of this ffkb low profile trackball case.

Stacked Corne case

Full body stacked Corne case open-sourced by u/atlantesque.


A 3D printed Dolch Planck keyboard by sohke with PCB and STLs: Dolothy.

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