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Kurp is a 36-key ortholinear keyboard – open-sourced by quirk.
Published April 9, 2023
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Jason Hazel aka quirk shared the files of his Kurp, a 36-key ortho board in the style of monoblock splits, inspired by the Humla and ChocV:

Kurp started life as a commission that fell through. Instead of ditching it, I finished it up and am releasing the source – quirk.

Kurp sports 36 Choc-spaced switches arranged in a unibody split ortholinear layout with OLED/nice!view and battery support. Using a nice!nano and nice!view should make it a nice, compact, portable keyboard.


  • 36 keys, ortholinear grid
  • low-pro Choc spacing
  • Pro Micro footprint


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Published on Sun 9th Apr 2023. Featured in KBD #120 (source).


Phaethon prototype

Phaethon is a through-hole keyboard with a solar panel – designed by u/mrninhvn.

The Nils Olav

The Nils Olav, named after a famous Scotch penguin, is an easy to build ortho keyboard by twigulus with lefty numpad (source).

J73K: a through-hole ortho

The J73K by peeweejedi is an open source through-hole 15*5 ortholinear keyboard using an Atmega32a (git & glamour shots).


John Riggles published his DELPHI, an "ergolinear" low-pro orthoish split.

CYOA Ortho

The Choose Your Own Adventure Ortho (or CYOA) is a Pro Micro compatible ortholinear PCB by STHLM kb – with lots of snap-off parts.

Noname ortho with X switches

This wireless split ortho keyboard by tdilshod supports X switches as well.