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LEGO plate as lubing station

LEGO plates can be used as lubing stations. Posted by DitlevB.

Published on Sun 21st Mar 2021. Featured in KBD #18 (source).


Double-keyboard ergonomics

Years of pain solved by a really [x|obvious keyboard tweak].


Screwless case with magnets

This teaser by typemaster_works gives you an idea how to make a screwless mounting with magnets.

How to fix a stripped screw?

A plethora of solutions to remove a stripped screw: screw extractor, grinding a line in the head, vice grip, plier, even superglue.

3D printed MCU adapter

A 3D printed MCU adapter with STL files for Dactyl-like cases by Fmcraft.

Socket comparison

Comparison of Mill Max sockets 0305 vs 7305 vs Holtite. Posted by kriscables.