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LMN-3 synth

The LMN-3 is an open-source DAW-in-a-box by Fundamental Frequency.
Published June 18, 2022
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From time to time, there are musical instruments introduced by makers which are somewhat related to mechanical keyboards – blurring the lines between the two hobbies. I hope you don't mind if I feature one such project again, especially if it's an open-source initiative.

The LMN-3 is an open-source synth/sampler/sequencer/DAW-in-a-box recently shared by Stone Preston aka Fundamental Frequency. You can find the collection of all LMN-3 repositories here:

There's also a comprehensive build guide available.

Btw, the device uses a Teensy 4.1 + a Raspberry Pi 4, and sports 45 keys, four rotary encoders, and a Hyperpixel 4 screen.

Stone also posted a video walk-trough of the features:

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Published on Sat 18th Jun 2022. Featured in KBD #83 (source).


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