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Ladispad is an open-source 11 key macropad by ajmandourah with rotary encoders and an OLED screen.
Published December 2, 2021

Ladispad is a custom-made 11 key macropad with 2 rotary encoders designed for the simplicity and the ease of assembly to non technical users.

Ladispad uses a direct pin approach, no no need to solder diodes.

In addition, the 2 rotary encoders and the OLED screen are optional.

What I like about this PCB is that it allows you to use non-standard size Pro Micros too:

Ladispad uses a Pro Micro as its main controller. Its very affordable and have many variants with different USB ports and sizes. I designed the PCB so it will be compatible which whatever you choose – ajmandourah.

Github repo:

Published on Thu 2nd Dec 2021. Featured in KBD #55 (source).

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