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Lancer – an open-source ortho keyboard with focus on size and portability. Designed by Subrezon.
Published May 10, 2023

Daniel Osipishin aka Subrezon shared the files of his Lancer, a 36-key ortholinear monoblock split keyboard with focus on compact footprint and portability. It is a direct successor to the author's la_nc, and is very much inspired by other keyboards like Planck, Lumberjack and Lesovoz.

A bit over a year ago, I've developed my first keyboard design - the la_nc. And while I was mostly happy with it at the beginning, using it highlighted a number of issues with the design, which I set out to address in its direct successor - the Lancer – Subrezon.


  • 11U width, pretty much the smallest possible with 10 columns and a top-mounted Pro Micro
  • Compact thumb row, featuring 6 easily accessible keys
  • Powered by a Pro Micro or any other compatible MCU board
  • Hotswap sockets in south-facing orientation
  • Integrated battery support with a power switch
  • Native 3-wire SPI for nice!view support without any bodge wires
  • Backwards compatible with oldschool SSD1306 OLEDs (4 leftmost pins of the SPI header)


Published on Wed 10th May 2023. Featured in KBD #122 (source).

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