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Lapa keyboard-mouse

Ilya Leonov's Lapa is an ergo split keyboard-mouse.
Published June 5, 2023
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Ilya Leonov aka lemosbor posted his Lapa, a pretty interesting split keyboard-mouse with built-in mouse sensors.

Lapa (Лапа) means paw in Russian, which refers to tha fact that you use this keyboard "without moving the hands" – at least not raising, hovering and reaching for the mouse all the time.

This approach is pretty rare but not unique, the Mouseky and the Keymouse reflect similar concepts.


  • 36 keys
  • The wrist-rest is part of the keyboard and is located higher than the main row keys.
  • Built-in mouse sensor
  • The thumb keys are located on a separate part of the case, much higher than other keys.
  • Keywell with per-column arcs.
  • The surface of the lowest key is at a distance of 2 cm from the table.

In addition, the oak pad for resting the wrist is replaceable, the halves are connected by a Russian connector type (РШ2Н-1-6) and they snap together by magnets for transport.


  • Project page on Github (just photos and description, no project files).
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Published on Mon 5th Jun 2023. Featured in KBD #124 (source).


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