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Le Chiffre

A retrospective post about Le Chiffre, a minimalist monoblock split designed and open sourced by tominabox1 – 3 years ago.
Published June 24, 2023
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The Le Chiffre (ironically, "the number" in French) was designed and open sourced by TJ aka tominabox1 – 3 years ago. Yep, this is one of those retrospective posts featuring designs which predate but became household names at some point, at least in the hobby.

This minimal monoblock split board inspired projects like somepin's La Lettre or Sam's Osprette v3, so I thought it deserved a dedicated post.

Le Chiffre is a keyboard meant to use as little keys as possible while still keeping a practical amount of functionality for those ready to flex their QMK skills – P3D Store.

The purpose of the board is to provide a platform for MX and Choc ergo (Alps support too!) in one package for when ones wrists need a break. The board supports an RGB LED strip with DI on port F0. The board is also fitted with support for run-of-the-mill .91" OLED and EC11 rotary encoder.

In the repo you can also find case files made by Jake of


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Published on Sat 24th Jun 2023. Featured in KBD #125 (source).


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