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Lego65 – an open-source 65% LEGO keyboard project by DarkoVader.
Published November 30, 2022
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New week, new LEGO keyboard project. After the very affordable 60% KBDcraft Adam kits, this time an open-source 65% keyboard: Lego65 by DarkoVader.

While the github repo of the project is available with some info, it lacks some important sections, e.g. the complete LEGO assembly part.

The 3.2mm rule

As Darko points out, a LEGO stud is exactly 3.2mm high, which leads us to the "3.2mm rule":

Your plate combined with gaskets needs to be 3.2mm thick. Nothing else matters here more than that - if you mess this up, the keyboard will not work properly – Darko.

  • If your plate + gasket combination is less than 3.2mm the LEGO will not grip it tight, and this will result in plate bouncing inside the keyboard.
  • If your plate + gaskets is more than 3.2mm thick, the LEGO will not close all the way, or it will constantly pop open at the top.

Darko suggests using a 1.2mm thick plate, and then you can add 1mm gaskets to the bottom and to the top of plate, which means your plate-sandwich would be exactly 3.2mm thick.


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Published on Wed 30th Nov 2022. Featured in KBD #105 (source).


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