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Lets Split case

Lets unite? A 3D printed monoblock case for the Lets Split by altapowderdog.
Published November 30, 2022
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Carter Hund aka altapowderdog designed and shared a case for the Lets Split PCBs.

Integrating a "thumb numpad" this device became a nice unibody split keyboard with some tenting (3-4°) and angle between the halves (5°).

I designed this for the Lets Split Rev 2. It is cyberpunk-inspired. It has a thumb macro pad – altapowderdog.

Build video here:


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Published on Wed 30th Nov 2022. Featured in KBD #105 (source).


Macropad for osu!

Oplivion built and open-sourced a custom macropad with knobs and a slider.

3D printed macropad case

An open-source magnetic macropad case by bikepackerdude.

Mcorne c5

Release of the wireless magnetic Corne case by weissbieremulsion: Mcorne c5.

Custom Iris case

A custom open-source Iris case by COrthbandt with light diffuser layer.


Chakra56 is a handwired low-profile split keyboard designed and shared by u/Noctevo.

Reviung41 case

Reviung41 with a twist – Delta 3D printed case and rotary mod by u/Stove24.