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Leveret v2 & lever keycaps

Leveret is a wireless split keyboard by dohn-joh, featuring thumb clusters with custom lever keycaps.
Published May 23, 2024
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Designed using ergogen, dohn-joh shared his Leveret v2, a nice low-pro split with pretty unique lever keycaps for your thumbs.

This was the last split keyboard I made before I moved onto designing unibody boards. […] Even though v2 is not as pretty as v1 in my opinion, it was my daily driver for several months because it is low profile and because the thumb cluster is far more practical – dohn-joh.

In contrast to v1, v2 is caseless, lower profile, exponentially easier to build, and replaces the thumb extension lever keycaps with staggered keys that can be combo'd.


  • 38 keys, (5x3+4)
  • Choc, hotswap
  • reversible PCB
  • Pro Micro footprint (nice!nano)
  • ZMK


Lever keycaps

As you can see, some keys of the thumb cluster are activated via 3D printed levers, which are open source.

These lever keycaps were inspired by the datahand/lalboard/svalboard and are attached to the switch top housing (friction fit).

The north lever keycaps were updated and offer some improvements over the original version: more clearance and a comfier actuation motion.


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Published on Thu 23rd May 2024. Featured in KBD #166 (source).


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