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Lighting controller cyberdeck

A portable DMX lighting controller posted by u/aleigh9812.
Published April 23, 2022
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Audio/video and lighting industries are other fields to stumble upon weird DIY tech with lots of keys.

This custom portable DMX (Digital Multiplex) lighting controller with a nice ortho keyboard/switchboard, built into a Pelican Vault rifle case, is actually a huge cyberdeck – all the little essentials tucked into a single case for controlling lighting for live productions such as concerts or theater.

The rig was posted by a friend of an acquaintance of the owner :) so take everything with a grain of salt here.

This is not my setup but I do work in the industry where this is used, lighting for live productions such as concerts or theater – captainohair.

A small Dell running ETC's Eos console software (what you see on the two Elo touch screens in the lid). Based on the Wireless Access Point mounted in the lid to the left captainohair is guessing they have some networking with a switch hidden under the keyboard and the custom ortho board.


Normally a setup like this would be configured to tap into whatever lighting network in the venue they arrive at via ethernet to control the lighting rig via ACN or something similar.

More details found in a private Facebook group for lighting folks:

Dell optiplex micro PC, 6k nomad dongle, High-Output CMD key, house made 5 fader wing (USB OSC), 2 ELO 2215L 15” monitors, ETC gadget, two POE switches (dual networks), cyber power 350VA UPS, Ubiquiti Access Point, wired router, Pelican Vault 700 case. Other odds and ends such as USB hubs, panel mount connectors, work light, etc.

Unfortunately, this is the only photo posted.

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Published on Sat 23rd Apr 2022. Featured in KBD #75 (source).


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